How Can I Help My Teenager's Skin? A Blog Post By Tonic Skin Care

How To Help My Teenager's Skin? Advice On A Skin Care Routine

In the rollercoaster ride that is the adolescent years with fluctuating hormones and various body developments, changes in skin can be noticed by the majority. This is the perfect time to establish a simple and gentle skincare routine.

Keeping the skin clean and protected is the ultimate goal going forward. For those without problems using a suitable cleanser twice daily and wearing SPF can be enough to maintain the skin health.

For most young people though, their skin tends to become oilier, with the occasional breakout of blackheads and whiteheads. This can be helped by on-the-spot treatments, or perhaps changing their cleanser to incorporate an ingredient to de-clog pores and reduce oiliness.

Development Of Acne

Some teenagers suffer more than others with their skin and often this progresses to development of acne. There are several different types of acne, but the most common is acne vulgaris, which is a chronic, inflammatory condition caused by blockages of the hair follicles with sebum (oil) and excess dead skin cells. Sometimes bacteria that normally resides on the skin can build-up due to these favourable conditions, causing inflammation. This can lead to spots, pimples, zits and also blackheads and whiteheads. Common areas where acne may appear are the face, neck, chest and back where hair follicles are more prevalent.
Gone are the days of abrasive cleansers which actually do more harm than good, and welcome to a new era of gentle, effective cleansing products with specific oil-reducing ingredients. Look for those containing salicylic acid, lactic acid or niacinamide. Gentle exfoliating products can also help remove dead skin cells and prevent clogging of pores.
There is a myth that those with oily skin should not moisturise for fear of increasing oil, however, oil production doesn't change so hydrating the skin is still important. Finding a suitable light moisturiser or adding in a hydrating serum can help.
While there have been advancements in the understanding of acne, there is still not a one solution fits all treatment. Causes can vary from person to person. Depending on the severity, acne can be helped by suitable skincare regimes in mild cases right up to oral antibiotics and in the most severe cases using Vitamin A derivatives such as tretinoin. For the majority of teens, acne will subside but it is important to use suitable products during this time to prevent scarring.
I would encourage any teen with moderate to severe acne to seek a consultation with their GP, to see which path of medical care is right for them.

How To Help Acne

  • Cleanse twice daily
  • Wear SPF
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid squeezing spots as this can lead to scarring
  • Change pillowcases and wash makeup brushes regularly to prevent bacterial build up
  • Avoid using products like scrubs which may lead to scarring.
For any advice on suitable products for teen skincare or acne please get in touch with me or to view some of our acne ranges click here.
Michelle x
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