Here's Our Guide To Matching The Right Products To Your Skin Type

It's not easy matching the right skincare products to your skin type. If you're struggling with skin issues, there's a strong chance that you haven't found what works for you yet.

There is so much trial and error you've got to go through when it comes to finding which of the thousands of products available will work to keep your skin clear, fresh and glowingly healthy, it's not surprising that so many people never succeed in getting it right.

As an expert in skincare, one of the biggest problems I see everyday is people unknowingly using products that are not right for their skin type and that can actually do more harm than good to their skin.

There are ingredients you should avoid if you have certain skin types and some you should add to your skincare routine. To make it easier for you to find a routine that works for your skin, I've put together a quick guide to matching your skin type to the products that will actually help keep it radiant.

First you need to determine your skin type. Lots of people struggle with this but to help make it easier for you, I've listed the most obvious characteristics of each skin type.

I've also listed my product recommendations that will work to enrich and balance your skin type whether you've got normal skin or highly sensitive skin.

How to Determine Your Skin Type

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is probably one of the easiest skin types to determine. If your skin is sensitive you may often experience breakouts and develop rashes and red spots.

You may even experience swelling, flakiness, itching, irritation, burning or soreness. You'll find your skin tends to flush red from the wind, cleansing or sun exposure.

There are ingredients you should always avoid in skincare products but alcohol is a must if you have sensitive skin. You also need to work in as much hydration as possible into your routine by using products specially formulated to strengthen your skin barrier function.

I've chosen three products from Biofresh that combined will help you win the battle with sensitive skin. Biofresh is a gentle but effective brand. By using their Ultra Delicate cleanser, along with their Rose Toner, you'll clean your skin without causing irritation. Their Probiotic moisturiser is formulated to then train your skin to lock in moisture.

If you're still struggling to balance your sensitive skin, these products will help you fix that.


Biofresh 3 Steps For Healthy Glowing Skin
The Perfect Remedy for Sensitive Skin Problems

Dry Skin

Dry skin generally results in small pores and an overall feeling of tightness, even after you've cleansed and moisturized your skin.

You may have more visible lines, less elasticity and a dull complexion. In severe cases, you may also experience flaking and soreness.

Dry skin needs to be addressed with products that are formulated to lock in moisture. But you also need to use products that will strengthen your skin's own ability to retain moisture.

The Oil & Milk Cleanser from Skin Formulas gently cleanses and removes makeup with ease. The product transforms from a velvety oil to a delightful milk when water is added, leaving your skin deeply cleansed and free from residue.

Ren Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk is also worth adding to your skincare routine if you're suffering with dry skin. It's gentle formula that will be kind to your dehydrated skin.

Skin Formulas Oil and Milk Cleanser - OMC Formula - 100ml
Cleansed & Hydrated Skin  Gentle & Kind to Dry Skin

Oily Skin

One of the most obvious indicators that you have oily skin is large pores. You'll also notice your skin has a shiny thicker complexion. And a simple touch test will confirm your oily skin. Wait 20 minutes after cleansing and then dab your skin with cotton wool. If you have oily skin, you'll see residue on the cotton wool.

In this case, your skin is overproducing oil. You may be struggling with pimples and blackheads, which are a common side effect of oily skin. You need to add products that don't clog your skin and remove impurities.

For this I recommend you try Skin Formulas Daily Foaming Cleanser and Acnaut Oxy Wash Gel. Both will help you gently combat the effects of oily skin, controlling shine and giving an even tone and balance.

Skin Formulas Daily Foaming Cleanser - AHA Formula -100ml
acnaut acne out oxy wash gel 150ml
Balances Normal - Oily Skin Balances Normal - Oily Skin

Combination Skin

Combination skin can be tricky to determine as most of us have it to some extent since there are more oil-producing glands around our nose.

This skin type experiences much more oiliness in this area than other skin types. Combination skin is typically marked by a consistently oily T-zone with dryness in other areas of the face.

If your skin veers towards Normal to Oily, I recommend using Skingredients Preprobiotic Cleanse in combination with The Cleanse Off Mitt (suitable for all skin types).

Balances Normal - Dry Skin

Normal Skin

Consider yourself very lucky if you have normal skin!

This means you’ll typically have an even tone and a soft texture with little to no flakiness.

Generally, you don’t get oiliness or dryness but when you do, it is easily resolved. Your skin is generally blemish-free, except for the occasional outbreak, and it doesn’t feel too dry or too shiny at the end of the day.

If you've got normal skin, there are two products I can recommend you work into your routine that will boost its radiance. The first is REN's Ready, Steady Glow, Daily Tonic and the second is Skin Formulas Hydra Serum. 

REN Clean Skincare Ready Steady Glow AHA Tonic 250ml Skin Formulas Hydra Hyaluronic Acid Serum - HA Formula - 50ml
A must for all skin types
Hydration boost for all skin types


For advice on any of my recommendations, feel free to message me. I'm always happy to help.

Michelle x
Postgraduate Dip in Dermatology in Clinical Practice Skincare
Expert at Tonic

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