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What is Symprove?

Symprove is a water-based formulation that contains four unique strains of live activated bacteria. Because of this unique formulation Symprove will not trigger digestion, meaning the bacteria are able to: Arrive to the gut unharmed and in full strength Survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach Thrive in the gut to colonise successfully Symprove helps to support the gut microbiome and balance gut bacteria.

Symprove explained

Symprove is a water based multi -strain supplement that contains 4 uniques strains of live activated bacteria.





Symprove beats 7 market leading products

In 2014, University College London carried out an independent study on 8 leading products containing bacteria. The study subjected the products to three challenge tests to assess if the bacteria arrived in a live state, survived stomach acid transit and thrived in target areas of the gut. Symprove was the ONLY product pass all three tests.

Getting bacteria where its needed most

For any product counting bacteria to be effective in helping to maintain the balance of bacteria in your gut, it has to do three simple things.

  • Arrive alive right from the start so it's ready to get to work.
  • Survive the strongly acidic and hostile environment of your stomach.
  • Thrive in the intestines and targeted areas of your gut quickly and effectively

Frequently Asked Questions

Good diet, sleep patterns and exercise are thought to have a positive effect on the microbiome and leave us feeling happier and healthier. Other activities such as playing outside and exposure to animals and dirt help balance the good and bad bacteria within your microbiome.

However, busy modern schedules mean we can’t always live a balanced lifestyle. That's where live bacteria supplements can help support the gut microbiome in the context of a healthy diet & lifestyle.

Independent research by University College London found that Symprove was able to arrive, survive, thrive and drive in the gut more than 7 other leading bio-culture complexes.

Although scientists are only beginning to understand the role of the microbiome, it is believed to assist in:

the breakdown of complex carbohydrates
producing vitamins and minerals
producing short-chain fatty acids
defending against pathogens
training our immune system
supporting detoxification
symprove bioculture complex probiotic
Multi-Strain Formula Symprove contains 4 unique strains of live and active bacteria, called: L.rhamnosus, E.faecium, L.acidophilus, and L.plantarum. Together they work in synergy to help you achieve a healthy balance in your gut bacteria.
Symprove is a water-based formulation that contains four unique strains of live activated bacteria. Because of this unique formulation Symprove will not trigger digestion, meaning the bacteria are able to:

Arrive to the gut unharmed and in full strength
Survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach
Thrive in the gut to colonise successfully
Symprove helps to support the gut microbiome and balance gut bacteria.
Symprove comes in packs of four x 500ml bottles. Each single bottle will last you 7-8 days on the 12 week programme. Your 12 week programme will consist of three four-packs. We want you to use Symprove for at least 12 weeks as it can take time for dietary changes to take effect. British Society of Gastroenterology guidelines also recommend 12 weeks when trying bacteria-based supplements.

Each morning, on an empty stomach, take a 70ml dose using the cup provided in the box, and leave it a minimum of ten minutes before eating and drinking anything.

If you have purchased all 12 bottles in one go, please ensure you start your 12 week programme straightaway because of the shelf-life of the product.
Symprove is made by Symprove Holdings Ltd. in the UK. The Founding Team have over 25 years’ experience of making live culture products. All the ingredients in Symprove are sourced and produced in Great Britain.
Symprove is made in a controlled environment through a series of carefully controlled stages. First we boil specially selected grain to create a wort. The wort is purified and sterilised and following this, the temperature is controlled in sterilised vats and the four strains of bacteria are carefully introduced. The live bacteria begin to divide and once the required levels are reached, the process is halted and Symprove is ready for bottling once it’s been tested by an independent laboratory. Throughout every stage, the bacteria are carefully nurtured as they are living organisms. The bacteria we use are high purity laboratory cultures which are unique to Symprove.
Symprove is a food supplement which contains live bacteria in a barley extract. The bacteria may be considered probiotics, and the barley extract a prebiotic. However, the use of both these terms is not permissible in commercial communications under European food law.
Symprove has a strong Research & Development Programme and is constantly improving its products. We are researching two main areas. Firstly, the effectiveness of the delivery system, where we work extensively with independent laboratories and Healthcare Professionals to make sure our delivery system is as good as it can possibly be. In fact, breakthrough independent research by University College London (UCL) shows that Symprove met all three challenges to be able to arrive, survive, thrive and colonise in the gut.

Secondly, for over 10 years, Symprove have invested heavily into research with leading independent Health professionals to demonstrate the effectiveness of Symprove.
Regulatory law means that probiotics are categorised as food products and cannot make health claims. In addition, it is now no longer permissible to use the word probiotics in consumer marketing materials. Many people believe that taking products containing live bacteria are important tools for a healthy lifestyle.
Symprove is available in 2 flavours


The original flavour has a malty, grain-like taste, sharper and earthier than the mango. With acidic tones.

Mango and Passionfruit

The mango and passionfruit has a fruity sweetness and is a less complex flavour. There’s a slight underlying tartness.
A minority of people report some ups and downs as their bodies adjust to the Symprove bacteria. This is perfectly normal so don’t be alarmed and continue to take Symprove daily.

Most people report a positive feeling within the first few weeks, although it can take longer.

It’s important to take Symprove for the full 12 weeks to give your body time to adjust to the dietary change. British Society of Gastroenterology guidelines also recommend 12 weeks when trying bacteria-based supplements.

In the latter part of the 12 week programme, our customers generally report that their experience settles as routine is established and they become accustomed to the Symprove bacteria.

From an independent trial on Symprove it was found that 12 weeks was an optimal period for change.
The majority of our customers do not receive any contraindications from Symprove however some customers do experience slight side effects at the beginning of their journey. Side effects will be showing you that the bacteria has managed to get to where it needs to be and it is getting to work however if the gut is not used to receiving this it can be a bit of a shock which is what can bring the effects on for a short period of time. If we hear of anything it will usually be a slight loosening of stools or constipation. All side effects should gradually ease off the more your gut gets used to the bacteria you are introducing daily. Please also note that we are a customer care team therefore you are more than welcome to contact us to discuss your journey.
Symprove is a safe food supplement. If you are on medication please check your medicine leaflet for any foods to avoid. However, if you are unsure, please speak to your healthcare practitioner.

Symprove is a food supplement that contains live and activated bacteria; it does not contain any of the food ingredients recommended for avoidance during pregnancy and breast-feeding. However, as with any significant dietary changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, we would always recommend that you check with your healthcare professional first.

For people who are immunocompromised, we would recommend you take a copy of the label and discuss suitability with your healthcare professional.
As Symprove is a natural food supplement, it is suitable for children at the parent/carer's discretion. A dose of 1ml per kg of weight should be used.
The majority of our customers report a benefit when used with a balanced diet and lifestyle.
It is important to remember that in a very few cases, during the early days of taking Symprove, some people experience loosening of the stools as their body adjusts to the new bacteria. This is perfectly normal and should soon settle (continue to take Symprove every day even if this happens).
Symprove is non-dairy, gluten-free, and vegan friendly. It does not contain any animal products. To check whether it is suitable for you please make sure you read the ingredients list before you use our product.
The active ingredients in Symprove are four live, activated lactic acid bacteria species:

  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Enterococcus faecium
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • All four species of bacteria have a history of safe use in food.
Anyone who wants to support their gut microbiome. Symprove is totally different to any other multi-strain bacteria product due to the unique way that it delivers live, activated bacteria. It is important to understand, however, that Symprove is not a medicine but a liquid food supplement and should be taken in addition to a balanced diet. If you are in any doubt about whether to include a food supplement in your diet, you should discuss this with your doctor or other appropriate healthcare professional.
Complete your details in the leaflet provided in your four week pack of Symprove.

Send this, along with your proof of purchase (legible receipt) from the retailer from where you purchased the first two four week packs, into Symprove either by email to or post to the following address, Symprove Ltd., The Sands Business Centre, Sands Road, The Sands, Farnham, Surrey GU10 1PX. Please note that you need to claim your third four week pack within 12 weeks of your original purchase.

Once your details have been verified, Symprove will send you the third four week pack at no extra cost within three working days of receiving your proof of purchase.
We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through our packaging. We have recently upgraded our bottles to PET plastic (the world’s most recycled plastic) to ensure that they are more widely recycled; our outer packaging is also fully recyclable.
We will pass on the cost of air shipping to the customer and cannot guarantee the speed of delivery due to different practices at customs in various countries. Also, please be aware that you may have to pay import duty/tax when it arrives in the country. The bacteria will be fine to travel this distance, we frequently ship Symprove overseas and our product has a three to four month shelf-life. European Community (EC) (Overseas)

The cost to ship the 12 week programme, including shipping is £248. Or, the cost to ship four bottles including shipping is £100

Please note that this could take approximately three working days for delivery. For orders larger than 12 weeks, we will obtain a tailored quote for you.

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